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indian totems with antlers


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Original indian totems to benefit the development of your personality, totem poles, totem crystals, fetisch colliers, dreamcatcher, individually handcrafted.

Basing on my indian ancestors I try to find, since early youth,
a new aspect of expression in the combination of different elements of materials.

Meanwhile the artistic work, you see on following pages, is concentrating mainly on indian jewellery- and ritualobjects. Whenever my work as healer and energytrainer allows, I´m searching in Nevada for new impressions and interchange with likeminded people. At the same time the authenticity of the
work is checked and new materials are collected.

Every totem is a unique piece and has to be created in an individual way. The powers of the different materials are picked in a way that everyone of them are merging together to support a task of the people, which they have in their life.

Karumbat Indian Totems 2002



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